11 tricks from professionals on how to take tremendous photos with phone

Every day on the Internet there are new cunnings and tricks which help to cope with any situation and to simplify daily cares. Some so simple that it is unclear how we did not guess it earlier.

We collected for you 12 tricks to make the coolest photo on the ordinary smartphone.

The unobvious possibility of the headset is its use as the remote control of management.

What should I do: Connect the headset to phone, dig out application of the cam and press the + button to make the picture.

Selfie “without hands”

hands free selfie

It is complex to take a selfie with a large number of people. Someone does not get into the shot eternally or the hand closes the most part of the picture. To solve this problem, build a simple support.

What should I do: Take the unnecessary plastic card and bend it in three places, on one of bends it is possible to put phone. Use earphones or the timer to make the picture at distance.

Panoramic twins

Use function of panoramic shooting to create doubles in one photo without use of graphic editors.

What should I do: Choose the Panorama mode. Place the person in a shot and begin to move the smartphone to any party smoothly. As soon as the person appears outside the finished shooting material, stop or slow down the movement. At this time the model has to run across behind your back in the following shot.

Small Earth

Use various applications to give to your pictures interesting effects. For example, will be able to create the RollWorld application from your photo a globe miniature.

What should I do: Download the application and load in advance made panorama or other interesting photo there. Experiment with settings – and you receive the unique, fantastic picture.

Underwater photos

taking photos underwater

Message shooting in water or under water on the smartphone is much more convenient, than on the ordinary camera. At the same time it is not obligatory for you to buy a protective case.

What should I do: Lower phone in a usual transparent glass, and lower a glass on 2/3 in water. Use the headset as the control panel. For photos at a depth put on condom the gadget. It will protect him from moisture, and the sensor will be also sensitive.

Use the reflector

use reflector for better photos

When shooting portraits sometimes it is required to illuminate dark area, to add depth and brightness. Any reflecting surfaces will be suitable for this task.

What should I do: Take the solar reflector for the car or a usual foil. By means of the reflecting material it is possible to illuminate dark areas or to add patches of light on the photo.

Use the HDR function

hdr comparison

The HDR function combines several pictures, different in brightness, in one. Because of it photos turn out brighter, volume and saturated.

What should I do: Open the cam, include the HDR function and make the picture.

Council: The photos made in this mode figure prominently in memory of the smartphone therefore use this function in special cases. For example, if you want to imprint a decline, greens of trees or beautiful flowers.

Attach phone to a balloon

To make the picture of a landscape from height, it is not obligatory to buy the very expensive drone at all. It is possible to attach phone to a balloon.

What should I do: Take the big balloon filled with helium. Reliably attach to him phone and a strong thread. Start a sphere and make the picture by means of the timer.

Council: Put on a protective case the smartphone and include function of search of phone. It will save your device if something goes not so.


macro photos

Unfortunately, when macroshooting the smartphones are at the best not. But it is possible to solve this problem by means of a tiny lens.

What should I do: The small lens can be found in any laser pointer or a small lamp charm. Record a lens at a smartphone lens by means of a hairpin and an adhesive tape. Now you can do tremendous macrophotos.

Glasses as polarizing filter

glasses filter

By means of sunglasses it is possible to make water more transparent, to remove patches of light and to give to the sky beautiful color.

What should I do: Just make the picture through a lens of points. If you want to remove patches of light, check that points were with polarizing effect.

Create patches of light

The beautiful color patch of light can change your picture completely. Everything that for this purpose will be required, – color translucent paper.

What should I do: Take color brown paper and bring it to edge of a lens to create a colourful patch of light. It is also possible to make the picture through it to give to the photo interesting iridescent effect.

Use other images

Your smartphone will help you to take a unique collective selfie.

What should I do: Find the image in the Internet or create him to add the self-portrait with an element from other photo. Here everything depends on your imagination, just improvise!